IV: Style and Epoch

Ginzburg_Epoch and StyleCHAIR: Steven Harris (University of Mary Washington)

Inessa Kouteinikova (Independent Scholar)

Turkestan “Constructivism”: Between the Imperial and Socialist Colony

Mari Laanemets (Academy of Arts, Tallinn)

Flight into Tomorrow. Absorption of the Legacies of Constructivism in Soviet Estonia in 1970s.

Daniil Leiderman (Princeton University)

“Shimmering” and the Dematerialization of the Avant-garde in Moscow Conceptualism

DISCUSSANT: Jane Sharp (Rutgers University)

Click here for a full-text PDF version of Moisei Ginzburg’s Style and Epoch (1924), trans. by Anatole Senkevitch.

may 11 2013 Princeton4


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