V: Experiments for the Future

Rodchenko_rusCHAIR: Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University)

Virág Molnár (The New School for Social Research/ Eugene Lang College)

From Constructivism to “Routinized Modernism”: The Zigzag Trajectory of Constructivist Architecture in Postwar Hungary

Vladimir Kulić (Florida Atlantic University)

Constructivism Revived: Vjenceslav Richter and the Legacy of the Avant-Garde in Socialist Yugoslavia

Michal Murawski (University of Cambridge)
The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw: A Stalinist ‘Social Condenser’ in a Capitalist City

DISCUSSANT: Kevin M.F. Platt (University of Pennsylvania)

Click to watch a documentary about Aleksandr Rodchenko Constructivists: Experiments for the Future (Russia, 2012):
Конструктивисты. Опыты для будущего. Родченко. Документальный фильм (Россия, 2012). Автор и режиссер Илья Лайнер.Творческий путь Родченко воссоздан в фильме на основе его воспоминаний, дневников, писем и манифестов.

may 11 2013 Princeton5


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